How likely is each party to form a coalition? We made a cool chart

You had me at “robust fiscal policy”

It’s the time of year smug couples congratulate themselves for being paired up, while singletons lie about crying into their pillow – a day commonly known as Valentine’s Day.

Here at, we’re celebrating that special day the only way we know how – by charting the loyalties and allegiances between political parties.

What took us by surprise, in doing the research for this, was there appeared to be no unrequited love. Going through commentators and analysts’ predictions of who would partner with who, left no party longing for a coalition with one which didn’t like them back (which is as close as we’re going to get to Hollywood romance).

But, like every potential relationship, the participants are keeping their cards close to their chest. Asking the party leaders who they’d form a coalition with is the political equivalent of the playground’s “Ed, do you fancy Nicola?”. Labour’s not going to admit it would form a coalition with the SNP just yet, particularly as it could cause embarrassment if it wasn’t reciprocated.

(Let’s be honest, we all know that’s going to happen. Those two have been dying to get together for ages.)

Anyway, here’s our chart of the likely allegiances. As you can see, we’ve used hearts to indicate the likelihood of the partnership happening (it’s almost Valentine’s Day – give us some credit).

Likely coalition partners chart




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  • Where is the animals welfare party, are they not invited?

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  • There is already a hidden coalition of the three mainstream parties, who have colluded with Brussels and conspired with each other, to deny the British people (that'll be those annoying people they're supposed to represent) access to the truth on the EU experiment, and any say in Britain's immersion into it

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