How did UKIP lose £1m a year of funding?

Nigel Farage found his party’s funding slashed by £1m a year this week after a shake-up in Brussels.

UKIP was allied with a number of other European parties, allowing it to qualify for official group status and receive extra funding.

However, one of its allies, the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group, was disbanded after Latvian MEP Iveta Grigule resigned, meaning the partnership will not be eligible for the funding as it has members from less than seven countries.

UKIP accounts for more than 50% of the group, and received more than £2m in 2013 in funding.

Farage said the way funds was shared was unfair, adding: “I believe this is an example of political bias on an extraordinary scale.”

However, Keith Taylor, the Green MEP for south east England, told the media: “The collapse of Nigel Farage’s political grouping in the Parliament shows that his eurosceptic campaign is miserably failing. Most people across Europe believe in a reformed EU but don’t want to see an exit.”

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