Here are the 10 most politically influential people in the UK... but there’s only one woman

So who woman makes the list?

Of the UK’s 10 most influential political people, only one is a woman and everyone is white.

Of a group this size, you’d expect one person to be from an ethnic minority and five of them to be women. But this is politics in Britain, so, y’know.

As the prime minister of the UK, David Cameron hits the top spot. He’s followed by comedian and political campaigner Russell Brand and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Nicola Sturgeon is the only woman to make the list. A possibly surprise member of the list is David Miliband, brother of Labour leader Ed Miliband (who is in fourth place), who doesn’t live in the UK.

1. David Cameron

2. Russell Brand

3. Boris Johnson

4. Ed Miliband

5. Nicola Sturgeon

6. Nick Clegg

7. Jon Snow

8. Owen Jones

9. Nigel Farage

10. David Miliband

Content agency Telegraph Hill compiled the list using its TrueScore tool, which determines influencers based on: their online activity; their presence in traditional media, such as newspapers and TV; their reputation and their topical relevance.

Chris Moon, head of insights and analytics at Telegraph Hill, said: “With the General Election looming, influence over the electorate is more important than ever. The Tories seem to hold more at present, but that may be simply because they’re currently holding the reins of power.

“Understanding what drives influence is vital for politicians and brands alike, particularly given how many ways there are now for people to share their thoughts and feelings.”


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  • Russel Brand, you have got to be joking. The man is an absolute idiot, as we all know. So to put him on this list must be a late April Fools joke?

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  • Anonymous

    I have listened to Russell Brand several times and he is intellectually light weight and says nothing of significance. So why is he on this list? And who is Owen Jones?

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