Has Cameron actually denied Pig Gate?

Or is this a clever political game? We investigate

David Cameron has commented on the allegations made in a book written by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft that the PM put “a private part” into the mouth of a dead pig’s head while at university.

Most recently, Cameron said: “Everyone can see why the book was written and everyone can see straight through it. As for the specific issue raised, a very specific denial was made a week ago and I’ve nothing to add to that.”

But was a “very specific denial” actually made?

It would be a clever move for Cameron to make it sound like he has denied the incident, without ever actually issuing a denial.

We couldn’t find anything from Downing Street on the record in the way of a specific denial. At the time of the revelation, the prime minister’s office said it “does not recognise” the claim but sources close to the PM have said the allegations, of which there is purportedly photo evidence, are fabricated.

Some people have argued that, unless the claims are true, there is no reason for Cameron not to deny the incident happened.

Former government spin doctor Damian McBride said he was confused by the lack of a denial.

Writing in the Guardian, he said: “I regularly issued statements from No 10 as a ‘spokesman for Gordon Brown’ on matters personal, and did so precisely when I needed a denial or clarification to carry extra weight, especially for the benefit of other media outlets considering whether to follow up the story.”

It might still be unclear whether the allegations are true, but what is clear is that the PM has categorically not denied the incident, despite what he says.

You nearly had us there, Dave.


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  • Anonymous

    Who really cares apart form a few left wing journalists

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  • There's no point Cameron responding to such vindictive tosh, it's beneath him and indeed anyone. Best to keep mute and not provide the response Lord Ashcroft is looking for. Even if Cameron smoked canabis or lapped up cocaine, there's nothing new in that, they all do it behind closed doors. As long as Cameron isn't engaged in in it anymore, that's fine. Perhaps Lord Ashcroft should first take the log out of his own eyes before pointing four fingers at himself!

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  • I am amazed you think we are obsessed by this. I have not heard anyone talk about this other than to have a laugh. If he did it so what? Ashcroft has just made himself look bitter and twisted whereas Cameron emerges unscathed. They need a better story to hurt him.

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  • Most people have done things when they were young that they later regret. If David Cameron has done what has been alleged it shows that he is quite normal and like the rest of us.

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