Green Party launches guerrilla campaign after being banned by the BBC

The Greens promise to make the Party Political Broadcast “they didn’t want you to see”

The Green Party has been blocked from having Party Political Broadcasts (PPBs) on the BBC.

Despite smaller parties such as UKIP and the Lib Dems getting three advertising slots each, the Green Party, which has one MP, was denied a slot.

The party released a teaser trailer of the PPB they want to make:

Deputy leader Shahrar Ali said: “The Green Party is committed to ending business-as-usual Westminster politics and delivering the real change for the common good that people desperately want and our planet desperately needs - that’s why we will do all we can to continue to make sure people are able to hear and share our values and policies.

“By helping fund this PPB you can contribute towards a broadened political debate. Ahead of this May’s elections, the Greens stand on a fresh, distinctive platform. We are the only party that places environmental sustainability at the heart of everything we do; we are united in opposing Trident; and only the Greens are presenting a viable alternative to our stuttering economic system which is insecurely grounded on unequal pay and long hours.”

London Loves Business contacted the BBC for a response and is awaiting a reply.

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