Goldsmith and Khan lock horns on housing and transport at first televised mayoral hustings

Goldsmith says Khan’s plans are “back of a fag packet stuff”

Front runners to become mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith, exchanged harsh words during a televised mayoral hustings in Islington last night.

Khan told the audience that he wanted to improve Transport for London which he described as “flabby”, by cutting down the use of agency staff and taking control of more of London’s bus services.

He said: “My plans are to make TfL more efficient, to cut down on waste but also increase the revenue streams for TfL.”

But Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith dismissed Khan’s proposals, saying it was “back of a fag packet stuff”.

Goldsmith added: “There’s nothing I’d like more than to make a brash promise but I know we need to protect the transport budget.”

Goldsmith argued that due to his close ties with the government he would be in a strong position to win investment for housing and transport.

He said: “You need a deal with government where the government releases large areas of brownfield land owned by the public sector. The government is there to be convinced.”

But Khan interjected, saying: “We’ve had eight years of this!”

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