General Election: Nigel Farage fails to win seat at South Thanet, as Tories dominate

Farage to stand down?

UKIP leader Nigel Farage failed to win a majority at his target constituency of South Thanet.

Former UKIP colleague Craig Mackinlay beat Farage, winning 18,848 votes. Farage was 2,800 votes behind with 16,026.

Comedian Al Murray, aka the Pub Landlord, who was also running against Farage, responded with exaggerated shock and quickly shook McKinley’s hand.

The surprise result means Nigel Farage will step down as UKIP leader if he stands by his pre-election promise.

Farage previously said he would stand down as party leader “within 10 minutes”, if he didn’t win.

Speaking after the count – one of the latest in the UK – Farage said that an “enormous personal weight” had been lifted from his shoulders, as his campaign ends. “I’ve never felt happier”, he said to the audience in Kent as he left the room.

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