General Election: Ed Miliband resigns

The labour leader has resigned after heavy defeat

Ed Miliband has resigned after his party endured defeat after defeat at the general election.

Speaking at 12.15pm today at Labour HQ, Miliband said:

“Earlier today I rang cameron to congratulate him.

“I take full responsibility for the result at this election. I am so sorry.

“I also want to congratulate all of our candidates who were elected yesterday and will take our party forward.

“It’s time for someone else to take the leadership.

“Let me say that Harriet Harman is the best deputy anyone could ask for. I am proud to have had her during my term as leader.

“She will take over until a new leader is elected.

“Thank you for the selfies and thank you for the most unlikely cult of the 21st Century: #Milifandom.”

An exit poll shortly after voting ended revealed the scale of the devastation and sealed Miliband’s fate.

The most senior figure to lose their seat in the election was Miliband’s second in command, Ed Balls.

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