Galloway: Met officer slept with my aide in "dirty tricks" operation

A Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officer slept with an aide to George Galloway without his knowledge at the politician’s London home, according to the Respect MP.

Galloway has accused the man of staying at his home and gaining access to his office as part of a “dirty tricks” campaign against him.

The Yard confirmed to that they have placed an officer in their specialist operations branch on restricted duties as they launch an internal inquiry into the allegations.

Galloway has since sacked the female aide, believing her to be an “agent” for the officer inside the Respect Party who was “passing on [damaging] gossip and lies…to the case officer”.

The MP’s sensational claims emerged in a Commons motion in which the MP alleges that Afiz Khan, a senior officer in counter-terrorism branch SO15, entered his house without his knowledge, slept there, and sent emails from the MP’s office.

Galloway alleges that the officer also tried to attack him through an alias on Facebook. He claims to have “incontrovertible evidence” of the officer’s alleged misconduct, including photographs, fingerprints and DNA evidence.

Although the MP insisted on his website that the officer would be referred to as “Mr K”, he named the officer in his Parliamentary motion.

George Galloway’s spokesman Ron McKay said that the officer was named in Galloway’s parliamentary motion under parliamentary privilege.

McKay suggested that the officer’s motivation for the alleged “dirty tricks” would be because “he was freelance and he was having an affair with a member of [Galloway’s] staff”.

However, McKay refused to say why the officer would have taken such an interest in Galloway, remarking - “you’d have to ask him”.

“A very senior officer in SO15 has been feeding disinformation aimed at damaging me to a national newspaper and to others, aided by a member of staff in Bradford who has now been suspended,” Galloway said.

‘This involved him using the Met email as well as creating at least two false email addresses to spread the deceit. I have incontrovertible evidence. He either did this a freelance or it was sanctioned by his superiors. I will be asking the Home Secretary… to act on this and also bringing it to the attention of the Speaker of the House of Commons.”

See below for the motion Galloway issued in the House of Commons, signed only by himself:


That this House expresses its concern at the involvement of a very senior officer in the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism branch SO15 in an apparent dirty tricks operation against the hon. Member for Bradford West; notes that the officer, entered the hon. Member’s London home without his knowledge or consent, the hon. Member never having met or heard of him, and he slept in the hon. Member’s home; further notes that [the officer] sent emails to an individual in the hon. Member’s office who acted as his agent; further notes he co-ordinated this operation from his police email account and from at least two other fake email accounts, duping, amongst others, the Guardian newspaper as to his true identity; further notes that he operated under an alias against the hon. Member on Facebook and elsewhere, all the while concealing that he was a senior serving police officer at Scotland Yard; and asks the Home Secretary to make an urgent statement to Parliament on these matters.

This comes months after the Respect MP claimed an intruder broke into his house and left gay porn and gin behind.


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  • Aisha Ali-Khan is innocent. How did George Galloway get information off a private persons computer, ie hacked and then illegally publish this information. Also knowing edit it to make it look as though what George Galloway said was true. The Metropolitian Police will do their investigation. They need also to find the illegal hacker with Respect Party Bradford Office and prosecute for misleading the Government and making an innocent lady look like a spy when she is in fact since 2009 married to Asif Khan. Come on George and you did not know this, what utter bull. Asha declared this on her parliamentary pass (security check) of which you signed. Respect Party Bradford activists accused me of being an M15 spy nothing new with these accusations. I can witness that the in crowd of intimidators and bullies with the Respect Party Bradford hated Aisha Al-Khans guts and tried to recruit me to act and speak against her. On twitter last night these same people used their usual tactics to bully me and get my twitter account closed down. I will witness about the atmosphere and surroundings of the Respect Party Bradford and how Aisha Ali Khan was treated and backbited. Her mother is very ill in hospital at the momment and she does not deserve to be treated like this. I most certainly hope that if this is a serious manipulated set up to destroy an individual for fame fortune and publicity that those individuals feel the full weight of law. No matter who they are.

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  • Anonymous

    According to her close family members, Aisha has not married anyone since she was divorced from huddersfield.

    even aishas cousins are shocked to know that she claims to be married since 2009.

    she and the corrupt copper spy has not produced any evidence of the marriage.

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  • Anonymous

    Very odd- Afiz khan already was married has a wife and kids (In Hertfordshire) It was hush hush with Aisha as he didn;t want Mrs to discover this. If Aisha was married then why be hush hush ? Very odd and probably lies to cover their tracks. Aisha seems very much to want attention - it is the 21st century and many muslim women have a voice in jobs. She claims that Respect didnt like her because she had ideas. Wake up woman ! We are now in the 21st century and woman have a voice ! I hope that the MET investigate this fully.

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  • Anonymous

    Innocent my backside; from what the blogs are saying she was having an affair with an already married police man with children and tried to legitimize this through missuse of islamic principles to cover the embarrasement of "adultery". Its been said that she deliberately continued and even threatened the first wifes children to keep her illicit affair (i understand she is a teacher, so i would not want my children attending the school she teaches in). I doubt her islamic marriage is legitimiate - Its rumored the marriage is dodgy too and may not even be valid ! her spy husband should serve a full sentence along with her. she appears to have been aiding and abetting in attempts to extract information from the police databases in exchange for sexual pleasures to impress RESPECT members : who righly saw through her (if this is the case) - this is not what i believe, but it seems many people on the blog are suggesting this; perhaps this is why she was arrested ?

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  • Aisha Aili khan has been charged by the police today for aiding and abetting in the attempt to extract personal data from a police officer. She is not his wife: they are divorced. What is more she is blackmailing him; I think its time for more police investigations. She has been sacked from her Job and she is also a spy working against the interests of the Muslim community. She made false sex allegations against Dr Musharraf Hussain of Nottingham
    This woman is also deceitful because it is aid she went into a muslim meeting and refused to remove her veil in the presence of women. Her actual name is Aisha ali kauthar (her sons surname is Kauthar and not Khan) proving the marriage is false and a sham . Afiz khan already has a wife. This woman deliberately set out to dismantle the marriage where children are involved. She has no shame let alone honour

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