Flab-bergasted: MPs told to trim waistlines in formal letter from Lord

Parliament’s big cheeses may get ahem, flab-bergasted by a letter ordering them to reduce their beer bellies and bulging waistlines because apparently “they are eating too much of the gross national product”.

Former surgeon Lord McColl of Dulwich is writing to all 650 MPs and 830 peers.

Lord McColl told MailOnline: “I will be sending the letter and asking them to measure their waist and height and if their waist is more than twice their half, they have a problem.

“I have been talking about this now for years, trying to get them interested.

“Hopefully one day it will click. As I walk down the corridors of Parliament now they see me coming and tighten their jackets and say ‘I am trying’.

“They are eating too much of the gross national product.”

The letter has been backed by health minister Earl Howe.

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