Farage: Times journalists’ attack was politically motivated and here’s proof

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has fought back at the “immensely privileged” Times journalists who accused him of misusing EU taxpayers cash.

The party responded to allegations by listing journalists at the Times, saying they were privately educated or had family members who were Tories.

“Perhaps it will not surprise you to know that most have family or personal connections to the Conservative party and that the majority are from immensely privileged backgrounds that have enabled them to prosper as part of the ‘chumocracy’ run by David Cameron,” Ukip said.

Responding to the allegations, Tim Montgomerie, former comment editor and currently a columnist of the Times tweeted:


Montgomerie’s argument might be undermined by the fact he was previously the editor of the ConservativeHome website and used to be chief of staff for Iain Duncan Smith.


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  • Anonymous

    Wow, front-page news! There are some posh people working at The Times!!... And this comprehensively "proves" that the allegations against UKIP are politically motivated!!...Blimey, Nige, you'll have to do better than that, old son. It's a standard ploy by a guilty party to try and slander his accuser. And of course, the total fabrications written about the EU by the Mail and the Express, which most UKIP supporters believe as fact, are not politically motivated at all......

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