Farage slammed for employing German wife despite launching anti-immigration ad campaign

UKIP leader Nigel Farage launched a £1.5m anti-immigration poster campaign yesterday yet he employs his German wife as secretary.

One of the billboards of the UKIP campaign carries a warning that 26 million are unemployed across Europe, and asks: “Whose job are they after?”

UKIP poster

At the launch of the campaign, BBC political editor Nick Robinson asked Farage whether his wife was “taking someone else’s job”.

“You’ve warned about Europeans taking British jobs. Your wife is German, she’s your secretary. She’s paid for by the British tax payer. Is your wife taking someone else’s job, then?” Robinson asked.

Farage said: “No, because I don’t think anybody else would want to be in my house at midnight, going through emails, getting me briefed for the next day.

“Nobody else could do that job. I don’t know anybody who would work those kinds of hours.

“She earns a very a modest salary for working extremely unsociable hours for me, being available up to seven days a week. That is a very different situation to the mass of hundreds of thousands of people coming in and flooding the lower ends of the labour market.”

UKIP’s new ad campaign has been branded “awful” and “racist” by various MPs.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Mike Gapes, the MP for Ilford South, said: “This is a campaign designed to sow fear, animosity and hatred towards immigrants. It is a pattern similar to what has happened in the Netherlands by Geert Wilders, in France by Marine Le Pen. There is a long history of far-right parties trying to scape-goat migrants and immigrants in order to win voters.”

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Readers' comments (5)

  • The criticism is silly. UKIP never said all immigration should stop for ever, just that the current policy of completely unlimited immigration for hundreds of millions of EU citizens is misguided.

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  • Ian Middleton

    A slimy little worm squirming on the hook of his own hypocrisy. Priceless!

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  • Ian Middleton

    William - He has a German national working for him, taking employment from a UK national. His posters say that is a bad thing. he can't have it both ways.

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  • So amusing to see the BBC focus on this sort of nonsence rather than the real issues about EU waste, £55million poounds A DAY contributions paid for the EU membership, loss of control over our own laws and boarders, huge Euro MP expenses and incredibly generous salaries and pensions at our expense, unaudited accounts for 19 years, £150million wasted by MEPs moving from Strasbourg to Brussels, etc,etc,etc. All that and they want to talk about Nigels wife!!!!! There was a time when the public were fooled - not any more. Nigel is a national hero and the results in the May election will be a real wake up call to the BBC and other pro EU media.

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  • Anonymous

    How utterly Childish !

    You have millions of Euros being paid by this country that we can ill-afford . You have unfettered and uncontolled entry of thousands of the least desirable, least skilled and poor into a near bankrupt UK . We are an economic-migrants' dustbin. You have non UK nationals making laws that affect everyone in this country with no immediate or direct right to recourse .

    You have institutional nepotism and 'troughing' by ALL the current political parties who regularly sell the UK cheap to the EC bureaucrats who simply want to enlarge the EC for their own gain of power and wealth.

    And all the pathetic, london-centric, latte-swilling , overpaid , under-educated Left wing liberal Press can manage is to show they DO NOT understand UKIP's message. Hey ! Like the clue is in the word WIFE !

    UKIP is NOT anti any nationality in the EC. Even its leader is married to a European !

    We have got on famously and very co-operatively with the Germans , the French, the Spanish, the Italians and many countries ALL over the world let alone within the EC. We are the world leaders in negotiated positions and diplomacy and have been for a couple of hundred years.

    The UK is probably THE most integrated nation in the world when it comes to adopting the cultures of different countries around the world.

    What has happened over the last 10-15 years (particulary with the Blair disaster) is the COMPLETE abandonment of any control of Immigration from ANYWHERE in the world into the UK.

    Most UK citizens (who are not radical fundamentalists and want to destroy the world) celebrate diversity of cultures AS LONG IT IS AT A SENSIBLE RATE.

    Every day , I speak to builders, gardeners, electricians , taxi-drivers, cooks , whatever (!) who are being driven to ruin by uncontrolled immigrants working for a ridiculous wages and driving them out of business. This is NOT capitalism this is THEFT .

    As someone who runs an Export business i know what my colleagues in other countries tell me . And many completely agree with the sentiments of UKIP.

    And yes my colleagues in France , the Netherlands, itally and even Belgium , describe the EC as a monster out of control . Heaven kn ows the response I would get from Greek suppliers.

    The ONLY politician that has EVER spoke any sense on this is Nigel Farage. And it is NO surprise the self-serving Establishment is scared stiff.

    There is NOTHING you can do to stop UKIP winning many seats . The reason has nothing to do with either Nigel Farage (who is an exemplarly example of political skill) or indeed the UKIP policies (which echo what the VAST majority of ordinary particularly non London citizens feel and yearn for.

    The UK Electorate HAS HAD ENOUGH of the main parties . Simply put , the UK Electorate DO NOT WANT Tories, Socialists or Liberal-Democrats to govern this country ANY MORE.

    Consider that, and you may get a clue to why Nigel Farage and his party are so popular.


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