Farage just got egged. Here are the best videos of other politicians being pelted

Farage egged

Farage egged. Photo: Twitter

Easter may be over, but Nigel Farage is still receiving a few eggs. The hapless UKIP leader was the recipient of a well-aimed ovum during a visit to Nottingham yesterday.

The Eurosceptic MEP was left splattered soon after arriving in Nottingham where he was rallying support for his East Midlands candidates for the European elections.

He reportedly jumped back into his car and sped off, leaving his supporters behind.

The protester who threw the egg gave his name as Fred, and was holding a placard that read: “UKIP: SAD, SCARED OLD MEN.”

Nottinghamshire police later said that they had arrested a man on suspicion of assault.

While Farage wipes the yolk from his lapels, we take a look at other famous public figures that have had to endure public besplatterment:

Peter Mandelson

Not an egg this time, but a cup of bright green custard. Protester and activist Leila Deen covered the then-business secretary on behalf of Plane Stupid, in opposition to a third runway at Heathrow.

David Cameron

During a visit to a college in Cornwall, the Prime Minister received an egg to the shoulder from a young man, or a “hoodie”, as he was branded by the media in April 2010.

Tony Blair

Unpopular ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair made the mistake of going to Ireland to do something there. He was greeted with a hailstorm of eggs and shoes. “Quick! Deploy the umbrellas!”

John Prescott

This legendary egging was one that spectacularly backfired on the pelter himself. Not one to take a full-frontal egging without retribution, Prescott, a former boxer, socked his attacker hard in the jaw. Ouch.


Egg Miliband

Ed Miliband has perhaps contributed more to the annals of egging history than any other British public figure. He is a veritable magnet for eggs. They seem to zoom at him from all directions. Some aren’t even thrown, they’re merely squashed on him.

Here’s another eggy Miliband:

Nick Griffin

BNP fool Nick Griffin can’t hide from the eggs despite having a menagerie of angry looking skinheads orbiting him.

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