Exclusive: UKIP has become a cult to Nigel Farage, says ex-deputy leader

UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his party have come under savage attack from former deputy leader and party chairman David Campbell-Bannerman MEP.

Speaking to LondonlovesBusiness.com, Campbell-Bannerman said that UKIP had “become a bit of a cult”.

“What is concerning about UKIP is it has become very much a one-man band and a bit of a cult. There is a followership and even the constitution has been changed to favour pro-leader candidates. I don’t think that’s healthy,” he said.

Campbell-Bannerman moved from the Tories to join UKIP in 2004, rising to become party chairman and then served as deputy leader until 2010, before finally moving back to the Tories in 2011. 

Campbell-Bannerman made his comments just hours after Prime Minister David Cameron’s keynote speech on Britain’s place in the EU, in which he promised a referendum if elected with a majority in 2015. 

He went on to deride UKIP as a “pressure party” that “uses votes to bring pressure on the single issue of the EU”. Campbell-Bannerman praised Cameron’s move for “taking the EU issue away from UKIP”, saying “it will make life difficult for UKIP”.

“There are a number of UKIP MEPs who should be deeply worried about the future,” he added.

After Cameron’s pledge to offer an EU referendum, Campbell-Bannerman called on UKIP to stop “getting in the way” and give the Conservatives heir support.

“That is the best use of UKIP’s resources and time rather than getting in the way and actually losing Conservative seats in very tight marginal seats, because that is not productive.

“The battle has now shifted to the referendum. We’ve got the referendum pledge. The battle now is about fighting that referendum and actually being on the same side.”

LondonlovesBusiness.com tried to contact Nigel Farage but neither he, nor a spokesman for the party, were available for comment.

Read our full interview with Tory MEP David Campbell-Bannerman here: “We can’t wait 30 years for a UKIP government, Cameron’s referendum is monumental!


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  • Anonymous

    Could it be because Farage is actually looking out for the interests of Britain and the British people

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:


    Sign this petition to allow UKIP to take part in the 2015 TV election debates:


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  • Anonymous

    Thus speaks the uncharismatic failed UKIP leadership challenger.Ironically his comments,aimed at getting him reselected by the Tories comes at a time when UKIP are fielding more media personalities than ever.
    Apart from this exposure outside of his region where do you ever here or see this man ?

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  • Anonymous

    To me all this is absurd and smacks of jealousy of Nigel Farage.

    Also, UKIP would be less of a one man band, if more politicians had the guts to join him rather than playing along with the Westminster system.

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  • garypotter1@hotmail.com

    Seperated at Birth Farage and Griffen
    UKIP’s Nigel Farage has proven his shamelessness once again for all to see with his attempt to steal the British National Party’s thunder over the “free trade agreement” with India — even though the BNP raised this issue some three months ago in the European Parliament.

    Mr Farage has now jumped onto the so-called Mode 4 issue, which is an agreement between the European Union and India which will allow Indian nationals to bypass all individual EU member states immigration controls. Sounds so familiar.

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  • Trust the PM and his cronies to steal the UKIP anti EU Platform and then try to rubbish Mr Farage at the same time.

    I do not believe Mr Cameron when he says he will Hold a referendum. I do believe that all this Anti EU Hullabaloo by Mr Cameroon is all smoke and mirrors which will vanish into thin air if he is re-elected

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  • If Cameron really wanted an In/Out Referendum he would have it in 2015 BEFORE the next general election.He knows the chances of the Tories winning the next election are very remote and his offer will not be made by the Liberals or Labour. A very hollow pledge indeed.

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  • Exactly. Firstly, he has to win the next election in 2015. Only then is he going to start re-negotiating. Why wait? And if it gets that far, he will get a few minor concessions, announce it as a major triumph, and campaign for UK to remain in the EU, and enough useful idiots will be convinced by it. It is a completely meaningless promise, which at the last extreme, would be weaseled out of anyway. Did n't Cameron already give a cast-iron referendum guarantee before the last election?

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  • Reading through these comments it's clear that UKIP or maybe just Farage himself has set the attacks dogs on this MEP. Is this what Farage pays his staff to do these days, now the Tories have scuppered his party's chance? Not on the taxpayers pound I hope! I'm seeing lots of this across the net and it does UKIP nor the out campaign any favours.

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  • If people think they are going to get a referendum, there are two big if's one Cameron is not going to get enough to make the country or his back benchers happy, another big if will he get elected. Farage is only politician, who actually answer a question with a straight answer, to me that is worth a lot, honesty you don't have to like it, but at least you know where you stand.

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