Exclusive: Corbyn could be prime minister and Tories must take him seriously, says Zac Goldsmith

Corbyn has created a “big gap” between Labour and the Conservatives, says mayoral hopeful

London mayoral contender Zac Goldsmith has warned that Jeremy Corbyn could pose a genuine threat to the Conservative party at the 2020 general election.

Despite many conservatives deeming Corbyn to be so unelectable, that they signed up to the Labour Party to vote him in, Goldsmith warns that to dismiss his success would be “mad”.

In an interview with LondonLovesBusiness, Goldsmith said: “Well, he’s created a movement out of nothing, he came from miles behind, no one anticipated this would happen, and it did happen.

“It didn’t just trickle over the edge, he was elected with a great big, monster mandate, and I think for anyone to dismiss him now as someone who could never win an election is mad.”

Goldsmith said that Corbyn’s leadership will create major differences between Britain’s two largest parties – something that hasn’t been seen for a long time – and that the Conservatives “should take it seriously”.

“I think he could [win an election], and there is a really stark difference between his world view and the kind of government that he would oversee and the government that we have today. There is a big, big gap.

“We haven’t had that kind of gap in British politics for a long time. It is a big gap and I think we should take it seriously.”

This article appears ahead of a full interview with mayoral contender Zac Goldsmith, which will be published on LondonLovesBusiness.com in due course.

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  • Unfortunately Zac Goldsmith is perfectly right, Corbyn is a person that appears sensible, reasonable and responsible. Add to that he appears to be a 'nice' person. However underneath there are some very nasty, irresponsible and naïve political beliefs that will spell disaster for the vast majority in Britain.

    Lets just hope he can't keep up the good guy image for another 4 years!

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