Exclusive: “CIA death squads” – the one thing that could stop Jeremy Corbyn, according to Ken Livingstone

At a rally for the Labour frontrunner, LondonLovesBusiness caught up with the former mayor of London

Outside Camden Town Hall last night, a queue stretched round three sides of the building and along Euston Road. As people began to slowly file into the vast hall, it soon became clear that there was not enough space for the crowd to all fit inside. Teenagers actually began to scale the walls and huddle around windows to look inside.

The spectacle? The 66-year-old Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn.

As the crowd swelled at the door, former mayor of London and speaker at the rally, Ken Livingstone arrived.

On his way into the venue, LondonLovesBusiness caught a few words with Livingstone about Corbyn’s campaign, and discovered that even with the tantalising prospect of a left-wing leader taking power, Livingstone’s sense of humour remains intact.

Why are you supporting Jeremy Corbyn?

“He’s the person most likely to win because he’s got some coherent beliefs, and a credible economic package. Unlike the one we had at the last general election.”

What’s he offering that the other potential leaders aren’t?

“He connects with people because he says what he believes. I’ve never known Jeremy not say what he believes in over 40 years of working with him, and he comes over as a nice and normal guy.

“He’s not in it because he wants to be famous or because he wants to be rich, he’s in it because he wants to make things better for ordinary people.”

What do you think the biggest obstacle will be for him in the coming weeks?

“Oh undoubtedly the CIA death squads.”

In reply to another journalist in the scrum, Livingstone added: “People should put the interests of ordinary working class people ahead of their own political ambition. The objective is to get rid of this awful government and get a government that will govern for all the people.”

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