Ex-Labour supporter & YO! Sushi millionaire Simon Woodroffe: "Corbyn will restore public's faith in politics"

The YO! Sushi founder agrees with the Labour leader on wealth redistribution

Millionaire businessesman and former Labour supporter Simon Woodroffe said he supports some of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies – especially wealthier people paying more tax.

Speaking exclusively to LondonLovesBusiness, the former Dragons’ Den investor said: “As someone who knows how it feels to struggle to pay bills and survive I think I should pay a fairer proportion of tax toward a more equally wealth distributed society.”

There were other policies from the Labour leader the YO! Sushi founder agreed with: “Long term I believe in nuclear disarmament and that a balance of power through aggression needs to be lessened. I do believe that an approach of humility that includes listening to everyone is the only way to solve world long term problems.

“And I think more allotments is a good idea,” he added.

Will Corbyn prove to be a good leader?

Woodroffe appeared in a 2004 Labour political broadcast but famously severed support for the party in the run up to this year’s general election. But now, it seems he could be warming to the party once again.

He said, while he didn’t think Corbyn would bring the party together, the new leader will bring in changes.

“For example I have long thought the adversarial approach of government and opposition as exemplified in PMQs could become more consensual.

“Corbyn’s take on a fairer society may awaken the public and influence the Tories further in this direction.

“I also hope that his integrity, which seems not to be questioned by anyone, may be a hint toward restoring some faith in political leadership and healing some of the British cynicism and that this, more than anything, is his appeal.

“I do think it is significant Corbyn has been elected and it will be interesting to see whether this vote for his policies and his approach will influence government which is what we the public actually want from its opposition.”



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