EU slams UK’s wind subsidies cut as “mind boggling”

UK will face fines if it doesn’t meet renewable energy targets

David Cameron’s drive to cut subsidies for wind farms in the UK is “mind boggling”, as the country is not on track to meet its renewable energy targets, EU officials have said.

The UK must meet legally binding EU goals on renewable energy, and faces severe fines if it fails to do so.

Asked by the BBC if the government’s subsidy cut would make it harder to reach those targets, EU climate change chief, Miguel Arias Canete said “of course”.

In addition, his team has expressed bewilderment at the Conservative government’s decision to cut the subsidy a year earlier than originally planned, as wind is the cheapest method of reaching the target for green energy.

One official said the move was “mind-boggling in an economy that’s supposedly price sensitive”.

The current goal is for EU countries to have 15% of all energy being provided by renewable resources by 2020.

Meanwhile, the SNP has calculated that Cameron’s desire to cut out wind subsidies would actually cost bill payers up to £3bn.

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  • the only lie is that heavily subsidized wind power can ever replace electricity from fossil fuels or nuclear. Climate change fanatics have convinced EU politicians who are not scientists that we are all going to die. Global warming is not happening, and man-made emissions are not causing it. In the name of phony, self-interested science we are crucifying our industries with stupid, unrealisable targets, whilst India and China power on using coal. Get over it!

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  • Ian Harris, you are at odds with an overwhelming consensus amongst the scientific community that global warming IS happening, and that human activity IS responsible. Only a few nut jobs still believe that it isn't.

    In case you hadn't noticed, coal comes out of the ground. It will therefore run out one day. So does uranium and plutonium. Peak oil is predicted to occur around 2020.

    Continued dependence of non-renewable energy sources is mindless and stupid.

    Solar, wind power, tidal power and geothermal energy on the other hand are endlessly and infinitely renewable. Our entire global energy needs are equivalent to 3% of the sunlight falling on the Earth's surface.

    Once we switch completely to these sources, our energy problems will be permanently solved.

    Clearly, renewables are the only sane answer, but it will take a lot of energy to convert to these sources. We cannot afford to wait until all the non-renewable energy has run out, so the time to act is now.

    It may be true that wind farms alone cannot replace coal and nuclear, but they are certainly part of the solution, and it makes more sense to invest public subsidies in renewable energy sources than to waste it shoring up legacy non-renewable sources.

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  • All countries across globe giving emphasis on renewable energy and UK should rather encourage !!!!!

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