EU officials: Britain leaving European Union is "no longer taboo"

Frenetic negotiations between EU member states over the EU budget could be thrown into disarray as officials fear that it’d be “impossible to overcome” a veto from Britain.

European politicians are preparing to meet near the end of the month to hammer out an agreement on the EU budget for 2014-2020. The summit could be cancelled due to the “insurmountable” obstacle of a British veto.

Concerns persist among EU officials that Prime Minister Cameron’s increasingly strident tone towards his European partners could compromise any chance of consensus.

“We’re working to reach an agreement, but everything indicates that it is impossible to overcome the British veto, Prime Minister Cameron has gone too far and will not u-turn,” sources told ANSA Europe.

This comes after Prime Minister Cameron lost a vote in Parliament to argue for a real-terms freeze in the EU Budget. A motion proposed by rebel Tory MPs was passed calling for Cameron to push for a real-terms cut. Cameron has said that the worst case scenario is if the budget was frozen.

Britain’s hard-line stance looks set to bring it in collision course with other member states arguing for an increase in European funding like Germany, Austra and the Netherlands.

This comes as European Parliamentarians are said to be in “acrimonious disagreemeement” over the EU’s 2013 Budget.

Britain’s position is causing such concerns that, according to ANSA Europe, “the possibility of an imminent exit of the EU by Britain is no longer considered taboo”.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage told

‘It says an awful lot about the Eurocrat mindset that they have only just wrapped their heads round the idea that the UK might just leave their European dream. After all, polls in Britain have been showing that on balance we would like to leave for quite some while now. Of course public opinion isn’t their strong point, given their track record in listening to referenda.”

“It is beholden on the PM to block even more of our taxpayers’ money being poured into the sands of the Eurocrisis. If our continental friends don’t like it, ok, he wasn’t elected by them.”

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