Ed Miliband to "name and shame" low-payers...like Labour?

The Labour leader’s on the warpath for companies to pay the London Living Wage, has he checked on his own troops?

As London mayor Boris Johnson bangs the drum for a greater London living wage, Labour leader Ed Miliband has said that companies who do not pay their staff a “living wage” of at least £7.20 an hour would be named and shamed.

Speaking to the Independent on Sunday, he said that it was a central part of his “One Nation” vision to “share prosperity”. But judging by the job postings at Labour, he may want to get his own house in order.

That’s of course leaving aside former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair’s problems in paying people to work in his own office.

Miliband’s call for a London Living Wage might be laudable, but it seems many parts of Labour have yet to hear the message.


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