Did your dad hate Britain? Twitter reactions to Daily Mail's macabre Miliband piece

The Daily Mail’s article about Ralph Miliband, “The man who hated Britain”, has prompted impassioned debate during party conference season.

Labour leader Ed Miliband demanded an apology for the “lies” about his father. The Mail has so far refused, and even reprinted part of the original piece alongside Ed’s reply.

Many have seen the Mail’s piece as a gratuitous personal attack.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson have all muttered support for Ed, and outraged Twitter users responded in their own particular way: using the satirical hashtag #mydadhatedbritain. LondonlovesBusiness.com takes a look at some of the best tweets.















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  • keith pearce

    Why does no one listen ? Ed is from an immigrant back ground not British he does not have the right genes to run or understand this country. Finally wash this country down the drain and vote him in power.

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  • Rebecca Hobson

    This article made me laugh out loud. Brilliant!

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  • Anonymous

    To intrude into someone's personal grief and a private occasion is unforgiveable ; for that reason the reporters involved should have left the Daily Mail building by now.

    An unequivocal apology from the Editor and major shareholder is also mandatory .

    But to expose your company through bad management to bad press and political condemnation is unforgiveable and a dismissblel offence. Get out Mail Editor - you're a liability ; whether or not you knew about what was going on. YOU SHOULD HAVE.

    So AFTER professional etiquette , let's look at this son of a Marxist Ed Milliband.

    SO WHAT IS TO DENY ED ? - you are a watered down Marxist who wants state control over just about everything - 'In the name of the people !' .....

    'Sure Ed ! ' pull the other one , you sound like every other politician ...

    Most people have dismissed your juvenile idea of price freezing the utilities for a two year period. How you going to do this ? - punitive corporation tax : compulsory purchase of majority of shares by the government or a specific Law ?

    For all of the above read JUNTA : read MARXIST state . Like father like son ... which is natural and very commendable but NOT as leader of the UK .

    Why not resign and put someone in office that would offer a credible opposition and do the UK a favour.

    With the greatest of respect ANY MARXIST is COMPLETELY at odds with a country run under the 'Status Quo' (even if the power mongers are all extremely wealthy !) ...the UK is NOT a MARXIST run country and never should be .... never mind a return to 1970's , it be a return to the 1860's ..

    So many blessings to your late Dad Ed but please dont milk a tragedy for political gain ; you are beginning also to look like a Daily Mail Editor.

    Rest in Peace Ralph Milliband .... and you too Ed ; and be a nice chap and hand over the reins to your nice chief economic clown Ed Balls .... running the country is a job for an adult ; preferably an experienced business person ... mm, now who jumps to mind !!!

    rod (southampton)

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