Deputy speaker Nigel Evans cost public £416,800 since 2010, including £8,000 in expenses

Conservative MP Nigel Evans, who today quit as deputy speaker of the Commons following eight charges of sexual assault, has cost the British taxpayer £416,856.22 since he assumed the post of deputy speaker in 2010.

A freedom of information request by has revealed that Evans has claimed £7,806.22 in expenses since June 2010. The expenses were largely for trips representing Commons speaker John Bercow at international conferences and making use of government car services.

Since 2010, Evans has earned £145,440 for his role as Deputy Speaker on top of a total £263,610 for being MP for Ribble Valley in Lancashire.

Evans quit his post as deputy speaker after being accused of eight offences, including sexual assault, indecent assault and rape, against seven men between 2002 and 2013.

In a statement to reporters after being charged, he said: “May I reassure everyone at this time that I will robustly defend my innocence.

“I have today answered bail following complaints I have said were incredulous.

“Whilst I am saddened that this case has not been closed today, I am certain of two things: firstly that I am innocent, and secondly that my innocence will be demonstrated.

“Having informed my fellow deputy Speakers Lindsay Hoyle and Dawn Primarolo, my association chairman and staff, I can confirm I will now resign as deputy speaker.

“However, I will continue to work hard for the people of Ribble Valley from the backbenches where I first started my political career in 1992.”

 Salary as Deputy SpeakerSalary as MP
June 9th 2010                  £36,360£65,738
April 2011£36,360£65,738
April 2012£36,360£65,738
April 2013                        £36,360£66,396

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  • Shock! Horror! He has been taking his salary instead of sending it back.

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  • Anonymous

    guilty until proven innocent – what an astoundingly stupid piece; like the speaker, the deputy speaker, a cabinet minister or the chief executive of the company – the deputy speaker has a job to do independent of whom that person is – whoever wrote this piece is a real example of why journalists are trusted even less than politicians

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  • Wow, an extra £36.000 a year for a part time job. These parliamentarians are the giddy limit. Then there's the expenses and one can only wonder what the real value of all this is to the greater public. It's a gravy train along with the EU that has got to stop. Perhaps one day we will have to advertise for MP's because the wages are so low. If that ever happens it will show they are all there for the rewards rather then the " public service" to which they all elude on so may occasions.

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  • The pigs are in the troff again.
    the priminister said that we are all in it to gether, who is kidding the massesis some are taking the country for a ride.
    It seams that the best job in this country is not to do much byt talk and tell others to stop complaining. but make sure your are sitting on the pot of gold.

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