David Cameron “petrified” of Boris Johnson leadership bid, says ex- minister

David Laws, who was a Lib Dem minister in the coalition spills the beans on his time at the top   

Former cabinet minister David Laws has said that David Cameron and George Osborne are “desperate for power”, and the pair would “sell their mothers” to stay at number 10.

Writing in his newly published memoirs, Laws says that his old boss and former deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, told him that Cameron and Osborne “are petrified of Boris Johnson coming along and challenging them for the leadership.”

In addition, Laws alleges that Cameron described Michael Gove as “a bit mad”, and said: “we know he isn’t very popular in the country”.

The book also says that Cameron described Tory backbenchers supporting a Brexit as “mad”, and has already incurred the wrath of Euro-sceptic Tory MP Bernard Jenkin. According to the Guardian, Jenkin said that Cameron “just doesn’t get it”, and that he was “like John Major, far-sighted and determined on social policy and public policy reform, but blinded by establishment thinking to the real dangers of EU integration”.


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