David Cameron just copied Margaret Thatcher word for word

Prime Minister tries to appeal to traditional Tory voters

She is still one of the world’s most famous politicians in modern history and possibly one of the most quoted. So David Cameron must have known we’d notice him taking words from one of Margaret Thatcher’s speeches.

Speaking in Bristol on Monday, Cameron said: “We know that there is no such thing as public money – there is only taxpayers’ money.”

Where have we heard that before? Those exact words originally came from the mouth of the Iron Lady herself, back in 1983.

Cameron has previously denied being a Thatcherite, but has referenced the controversial former PM a number of times in his speeches.

However, it’s not exactly clear what either Cameron or Thatcher meant by the phrase, as governments raise funds though all different means, not just taxation.



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  • The point being? Great quotes get repeated often.

    ....or is that just yet another anti-tory sentiment?

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