"David Cameron is a lunatic", says American Pie actor Jason Biggs

Prime minister David Cameron has been branded a “lunatic” obsessed with Britain’s colonial history, according to American Pie star Jason Biggs.

The actor, who plays Jim Levenstein in the US comedy film series, threw his weight behind London mayor Boris Johnson for Tory leader.

After watching Cameron’s conference speech last month, Biggs said:

“Cameron just seems like a lunatic. Cameron was like: ‘England rules all, we conquered everyone, we’re the best’. OK, well what are you going to do in 2015? What are your plans?”

Biggs also railed at the PM over a “horribly contrived” video showing him enjoying a birthday curry with his wife at the Conservative Party conference.

“I saw that horribly contrived video of him walking down the street in Birmingham with his wife.

“It was like: ‘Oops, the cameras just caught us, we’re going for a date’. Are you kidding me? Is there a person in the UK who believes this?”

Biggs was more supportive of Mayor Johnson, especially for his appearances on American chat-shows like David Letterman’s to promote his book.

Boris Johnson on Letterman

“He did all the shows and Letterman. He was incredibly likeable. There’s something about him. If I voted Tory, I would vote for him.”

However, Biggs refused to comment on whether Johnson had the skills to be a good prime minister, saying:

“Is he really a prime minister-type leader? I don’t know, but it seems to me he’s doing a good job with London.”

Biggs was speaking to politics.co.uk to promote his new film Grassroots.

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