David Cameron had no message for "hard-working strivers", admits minister

Prime minister David Cameron and his team failed to develop a “strong economic message” for low and middle income groups when they rose to lead the Tory party, according to a leading Cameron supporter.

Planning minister Nick Boles, one of Cameron’s earliest supporters, said that the PM’s group of modernisers were “overly obsessed” with university-educated professionals in Cambridge.

Speaking to the Spectator, he said they got “very carried away” with subjects that “were very much the media zeitgeist”.

He admitted that the Tories’ economic agenda was exposed by the advent of the economic crisis, saying:

“We shouldn’t take the excuse that we didn’t know then what we know now because even if there hadn’t been the economic crash it probably is fair to say that one of the things that was missing was a story about how to improve most people’s material lot.”

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