Could parliamentary recess be delayed to deal with flight MH17 crash?

Flight MH 17 leaves Amsterdam

Flight MH17 leaves Amsterdam

As people demand answers as to how Malaysian airlines’ flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine, MPs are wondering if Parliament could delay its annual recess to deal with the tragedy.

The international political stage is set for tense deliberation, but the crash has occurred at an awkward time for Parliament in the UK, which is due to commence its summer recess on Tuesday 22 July.

Unconfirmed reports implicate Russia as a potential source for supplying pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine with a missile that could have shot down the plane.

This is likely to result in an international relations nightmare if it is found to be the case.

Labour MP John Mann has called for the recess to be delayed.

In a statement he said that Parliament must continue to sit in order to consider the full implications of what has happened.

He said: “This is a very troubling development which raises serious issues that Parliament will want to consider. It cannot do this if it is not sitting. By delaying our recess we will be able to discuss this matter and give it the attention it merits.”

“295 innocent people have tragically lost their lives and their families will want to know how and why this has happened.” 

“Parliamentarians will want to take stock of these tragic events, given that they have serious implications for the future of Europe.”

The House of Commons media service has not issued a statement.

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  • Flight MH 17 leaves Amsterdam

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