Could America put Margaret Thatcher on the $10 bill in 2020?

Jeb Bush puts idea forward during Republican debate

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is not having an easy ride to his party’s nomination for President.

The US press don’t have time for him, when there’s Donald Trump to gawp at.

But perhaps Bush’s latest idea could win him a few more column inches.

During a republican debate on Wednesday night, all the candidates were invited to suggest which woman they would like to see on the new $10 bill.

President Barack Obama announced in June that a new $10 bill would come into circulation in 2020, and it would have a woman on it.

Which woman?

Well, Donald Trump suggested it should have his daughter on it; Mike Huckabee suggested his own wife; Ben Carson said his mother should be on it, and John Kasich suggested Mother Theresa.

Less ridiculous suggestions came from Rand Paul, who suggested women’s rights campaigner Susan B Anthony, and from Marco Rubio, who suggested Rosa Parks.

Jeb Bush suggested Margaret Thatcher.

Could it work?  A former British prime minister on an American Note.

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I doubt that Margaret Thatcher would be accepted as she's not an American citizen. A better choice would be Winston Churchill who was made an honorary citizen of the USA in 1963.

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