Corbyn could face coup if elected Labour leader

Senior MPs are plotting to oust Corbyn before 2020 election if he wins leadership

Jeremy Corbyn has already caused waves with the upsurge of support for his leadership bid.

Initially seen as too left-wing to garner serious support, Corbyn is now in front, according to several polls.

He also has the support of several unions, including Unite, the largest in the UK.

Veteran politicians in the Labour Party are wringing their hands at the idea of the divisive left-winger leading the party, while among Labour supporters Corbyn appears to be gathering more and more of a following.

The result of the contest could cause a rift in Labour, which may consign the party to fractious failure for years to come.

But according to the Telegraph, plans are already underway to unseat Corbyn should he win the contest.

Speaking to the paper, one shadow cabinet minister said that if Corbyn takes victory, then a coup would be inevitable.

The MP said: “If he wins, we will be in massive danger of destroying ourselves as a party. We will have to decide whether he should be removed immediately, or whether it would be better to give him a year or two of being a disaster and get rid of him by 2018.”

Meanwhile, other Labour MPs are calling for the contest to be halted over allegations it is being “infiltrated” by various left-wing activists, including “communists” and other organisations.

The Telegraph quotes another source, a former Labour cabinet minister, who said: “I absolutely think it is a determined and deliberate attempt to infiltrate the election by powerful unions and it is a very serious threat to the democracy of the party.”

Speaking to the BBC, Corbyn addressed the concerns saying he only wanted “genuine Labour supporters” to vote for him.

Fellow leadership contestant Andy Burnham said that he had seen no evidence of infiltration “on a large scale”.

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  • Democracy and freedom are hard won, but can be lost in a moment off stupidity -

    Think of that for those who got him on the ballot paper!

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