Concerns over incoming EU president’s “cognac for breakfast” habit

Though David Cameron remains “completely unapologetic” over his opposition to Jean-Claude Juncker becoming the new European President, other countries may be beginning to question the suitability of the former Luxembourg premier for the role.

This is due to Juncker’s rumoured predilection for alcohol.  According to the Huffington Post, one European diplomat said: “His alcohol consumption has been raised by a number of leaders since the (European) parliamentary elections.” There are also widespread reports of Juncker’s liking for a “cognac at breakfast”.

According to the Guardian, it has been confirmed that Juncker was also “famous for ensuring a ready supply of wine during his eight-year presidency of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers until last year.”

He was also described in January as a “heavy smoker and drinker”, by Jeroen Dijssebloem, who succeeded him as Eurogroup President.

In the past, Juncker has vigorously denied having a drinking problem.  

David Cameron has been left isolated in Europe after his outspoken opposition to Juncker’s appointement. He said that the appointment would be “bad for all of Europe”, and added: “It’s very important in Europe that you say what you say in private and it’s the same as what you say in public.”

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