Comedian Al Murray to stand against Nigel Farage at general election

Pub Landlord to stand at South Thanet

It has been said by many that this year’s general election could be the most exciting for years.

Well it’s just got a whole lot more entertaining.

The Pub Landlord, a character created by comedian Al Murray, has confirmed that he will be standing for election against UKIP leader Nigel Farage at the Kentish constituency of South Thanet.

The Pub Landlord, standing for his newly created political party, the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP) has a key policy of reducing the price of a pint to 1p, as well as a policy to up the value of the pound to £1.10, so it is worth 10p more.

“It seems to me that the UK is ready for a bloke waving a pint around offering common sense solutions,” the Pub Landlord/Murray said in a FUKP “party broadcast” on a new website.

The Pub Landlord has his work cut out if he is going to beat Nigel Farage to Westminster. But it seems the FUKP have immigration policies many UKIP supporters may relate to.

Speaking about immigration, The Landlord said: “Course they’re all coming over here because this is the greatest country in the world. The only way to stop them all coming over here is for government to change that and make things a whole lot worse. Look no further. However, in the meantime we will brick up the Channel Tunnel – with British bricks of course, but we’ll probably have to get some Poles in to do it. Common sense”.

Here’s the rather wonderful video:

At the time of writing, Ladbrokes and William Hill are offering odds of 66/1 for a Pub Landlord win at the election. This compares with 8/13 for Farage, who is the current favourite.

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  • He should be careful. The 1p a pint manifesto pledge might get him elected.

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