Cameron says Boris returning to Commons would be “great”

David Cameron has said he believes that Boris Johnson could make a return to the House of Commons as an MP in 2015 should the Mayor decide to stand for election.

Being questioned on Radio 4’s Today programme over whether Boris should throw his hat into the ring in 2015 despite his tenure as Mayor of London running until 2016, Cameron said that “it would be great to have Boris back”, and added that the two of them “can make a very good team”.

“I think he’s got an enormous amount to give to public life and I don’t think he’s given up on that idea either. So we’re quite well aligned, if I can put it that way,” Cameron told the programme.

Last night at an event in Manchester, Johnson stressed that he had no plans to lead the Conservative party, “ever, now, whenever”, according to the Huffington Post, and went on to crack a joke about the PM: “UKIP if you want to,” he said, “David Cameron’s not for kipping, unless obviously he’s at his sister-in-law’s wedding.”

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