Cameron: Prospect of SNP in Westminster “like a horror movie”

PM hits out hard at SNP role in future government

There’s no love lost between the Scottish National Party and the Tories, but as the SNP grows, so too have the Conservatives’ fears of how the impending election will hand them greater power than ever.

The polls in Scotland indicate a huge leap in support for the SNP, which has also seen membership quadruple to hit 102,000 since last year’s referendum.

At the last count, a poll of polls indicated that the SNP now has an astonishing 19-point lead over Labour in Scotland with 46% of people intending to vote for Nicola Sturgeon’s party. In the 2010 election, Labour won 42% of the vote in Scotland. Currently the party is polling just 27%.

The 2015 will almost certainly return a record number of SNP candidates to Westminster, with some polls indicating Labour could lose as many as 40 seats to the SNP in Scotland.

This is very bad news for the Tories, who are at ideological loggerheads with the SNP.

Miliband’s party has formally ruled out a coalition with the SNP, but there is plenty of wriggle room to make a more informal arrangement. In this scenario, the SNP could potentially support a minority Labour government on a vote-by-vote basis.

Sturgeon has called on Labour to make an anti-Conservative pact, to keep the Tories out of Number 10, and former leader Alex Salmond went into detail last week over how the SNP could block a Conservative-led government.

At a Scottish Conservative Party conference last week, Cameron said: “[The] SNP and Labour are halfway up the aisle together already… They’ve picked out the wedding list.

“They’ve booked the honeymoon – probably to North Korea.

“They’ve set up a joint account – unlimited overdraft obviously.

“And so if you vote for anyone else apart from the Conservatives, you are voting for this outcome.

“Labour in government. Ed Miliband in Downing Street, and the very real prospect of Alex Salmond coming in through the back door.

“Like a horror movie – he’s back.

“Only this time – he’s not running Scotland… he would have the decisive say in running a country he wants to see abolished – our United Kingdom.”

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Readers' comments (3)

  • Don't you think it's about time to tell the Scots to piss off, and let them stew in their own juice? Hail to the Socialist Republic of Scotland- it's clearly what they want. Why do we want to keep supporting these whingers? They don't want England and if this is how they feel, we don't need them., If Scottish votes over-ride English votes, it's clearly undemocratic.

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  • Anonymous

    If Dave is so set against the SNP, why did he fight so much to keen Scotland in the union? It seems that he wants them in only if they don't take part in the democratic process.

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  • Anonymous

    The mistake the SNP made was restricting the vote to Scotland. If they had made the whole UK vote they would have independence by now lol!

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