Boris wants new cabinet “superpost” created for him

Boris Johnson is trying to get a place in the prime minister’s cabinet, it has emerged.

The Mayor of London is apparently pitching for a new “superpost” to be created for him, overseeing transport, business and housing.

The infrastructure secretary post would play to Johnson’s strengths, having been involved in delivery of the Olympics and Crossrail, according to the Evening Standard, which uncovered the mayor’s plans.

From this position, it would be possible for Johnson to launch a leadership campaign when Cameron eventually steps down, the newspaper added.

A spokesman for  Johnson said: “The Mayor secured a second term mandate in London based on driving jobs and growth. He has been a tireless advocate for big transport infrastructure projects like Crossrail, Crossrail 2, the Northern Line extension to Battersea and a new national hub airport to the East of London.

“His infrastructure ambitions sit squarely in lengthening London’s lead as Europe’s most successful big city, something that helps drive the UK economy.”


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