Boris stopped snubbing Cameron's Chequers invitations for SamCam

London mayor Boris Johnson finally gave in and accepted prime minister David Cameron’s invitation to his official country residence Chequers after a personal intervention from his wife Samantha.

After rebuffing the Prime Minister five times amid the suggestion that Johnson couldn’t bear playing “happy families with someone he struggles to respect”, the London mayor was personally phoned by Samantha Cameron.

“Boris isn’t too bothered about Dave’s feelings, but he’d never do a thing to hurt Sam,” a source told the Mail on Sunday.

The Mayor’s official spokesman has previously told that the pair had been unable to meet at Chequers due to diary and commitment clashes.

“The Mayor has been invited to Chequers on several occasions since May 2010…a combination of family commitments or diary clashes has meant it wasn’t possible to accept. The number of times the Mayor attends or doesn’t attend Chequers has absolutely no bearing on his working relationship with the PM.”

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