Boris Johnson to support Cameron’s pro-EU campaign after eleventh-hour deal

Cameron reportedly promises Johnson “major cabinet job”, after mayor steps down from City Hall

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is expected to throw his considerable political weight behind David Cameron’s pro-EU campaign ahead of a referendum.

After the mayor publicly flirted with supporting a Brexit, the prospect of a new UK sovereignty law has reportedly swung him back in line with the Prime Minister who is fighting to keep the UK in the EU.

Cameron is set to publish plans detailing a new proviso in the relationship the UK has with EU law, in which the UK sovereignty trumps EU laws.

A similar system already exists in Germany, where judges decide whether EU laws infringe current German ones.

The move aims to address concerns held by Johnson and Eurosceptics that more and more power is being handed over to Brussels.

But could Boris have been influenced by the allure of “a major cabinet job”?

Cameron has reportedly said that Boris could expect to join the cabinet after his tenure as Mayor expires on May 5.

It’s a canny move on Cameron’s part. Boris’s public influence is recognised as a significant boon to the In campaign.

According to the FT, a leading figure in the pro-EU camp said: “The one person who could galvanise the Out campaign would be Boris: he’s the one we really fear.

“Without Boris the Leave campaign does not have a leader.”

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