Boris Johnson: Limit EU migrants or rough sleeping in London will soar

London Mayor Boris Johnson has urged the government to get to grips with the oncoming influx of Bulgarian and Romanians into Britain next year, warning that the thousands of new EU migrants could send the number of rough sleepers in London soaring.

Johnson said ministers needed to renegotiate the terms by which Romanian and Bulgarians are able to live and work in Britain from 2014.

Estimates suggest that more than 70,000 citizens from the two countries are set to come to the UK over the next five years after EU controls are relaxed, with the majority set for London.

Johnson said: “It’s important that we look at the impact of the accession countries Romania and Bulgaria.

“We’ll be supporting immigration by talented people but I am concerned that immigration from Bulgaria and Romania, unless properly handled, will lead to an increase in rough sleeping of the kind we’ve seen from the previous accession countries.

“It may be sensible for us to consider what derogations or improvements we could make to the current deal on accession.”

This comes after reports that British ministers had been considering plans for an advertising campaign talking Britain down as cold, wet and with harsh restrictions on claiming benefits.

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  • Anonymous

    Boris is entirely correct, we have enough immigrants and cannot cope with more

    Sign this petition to restrict Bulgarian and Romanians from entering the UK:

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  • The xenophobic hate campaign against Romanians and Bulgarians is a safety valve for politicians, to ease the worries and concerns about the last decade immigration. Ro/Bg citizens are the perfect scapegoat to channel the British hatred of immigration: they are white, poor and abandoned by their countries of origin. The race equality industry won't lift a finger to support them or prevent xenophobic abuse, as the persecution of "white Europeans" is not racism in their book. British media can defame these people as much as they want.
    The scare mongering is based on the half-baked MigrationWatch report based on flawed assumptions and guesswork. In six years less than 150K Romanians and Bulgarians have settled in UK. They had the right to work as self-employed, so why there was no massive immigration?
    There is no evidence either that the newcomers will come for enjoying benefits instead of working. Now the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, calls for the restrictions to be maintained. It was known from 2007 that the restrictions will be lifted in 2014 but the Mayor of London and the local councils failed to act. In short they did nothing. Now the desperation kicked in and the Mayor wants the restrictions to be kept beyond the agreed period in the Accession Treaties, to cover his gross incompetence and failure to act.
    But the real issue that of Romanian and Bulgarian getting equal rights in line with the rest of EU citizens. Apparently in London and other Western Europeans the idea of Ro/Bg citizens having equal rights (including working rights) is preposterous; how dare they to want equal rights with the other Europeans? The call to maintain the restrictions on Romanian and Bulgarian citizens is an open call to discrimination.
    What is going on right now is a media xenophobic war against Romanians and Bulgarians.

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