Boris: Britain should leave stagnating EU rather than remain in unreformed union

London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that the UK may be better off leaving the European Union than staying in it if it is not reformed.

The mayor’s remarks come ahead of the publication of an eight point plan for reform by his senior economic advisor Gerard Lyons.

As part of his plan, Lyons is expected to say that the UK’s departure from the European Union is “definitely a viable option”.

Lyons’ outlines for EU reform are also expected to go beyond the demands made by David Cameron over a renegotiation of membership should the Tories triumph at next year’s election.

Writing in the Telegraph, Johnson said: “When you look at the cost of EU social policy, the stagnation of the EU economies, the continuing absurdities of some Brussels regulation, we are plainly getting to the stage where it might well be better to quit an unreformed EU than to stay in.

“As it happens, I have no doubt that we can lead the campaign for reform. But if we are going to succeed, we need to build on our alliances, and to appreciate how our friends on the continent see things.”

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  • There will be no real reform of the EU-a few minor concessions presented as a triumph by Cameron (if he is re-elected) EU-wide free movement is a given. Our over-generous benefits system means every low-pay country's citizens, and every asylum seeker, heads for UK. And the last thing we want is a load of destitute North African asylum seekers currently trying to get to the UK from Calais.

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