Blair: “If your heart is with Corbyn, then get a transplant”

Former Labour leader lashes out at shift left, but warns Tories are “getting cocky”

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has railed against left-wing leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, after it has been revealed that Corbyn is now the front-runner in the leadership race.

Speaking this morning, Blair said that the prospect of having Corbyn as a leader was “like going back to Star Trek or something. Back to the old days”. He added: “People who say their heart is with Corbyn, get a transplant.”

“It would not take the country forward, it would take the country back,” he said.

Addressing the party’s shift to the left, Blair said: “Unity does not work if you’re all together in the bus going over the edge of the cliff.”

Blair said that Labour under his own helm Labour had “discovered winning successfully” but had now “rediscovered losing successfully”.

But Blair said that Labour could win in 2020, though not from a “traditional leftist platform”

He also said that the party should not “despair”, and said that the Conservatives were “vulnerable” and were “going to get cocky”.

“We can win again next time, but only if our comfort zone is the future and its values are a guide, not a distraction,” he said.

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