Billionaire Richard Desmond donates £1m to UKIP

Here are four key facts about him

Daily and Sunday Express owner Richard Desmond loves UKIP.

In December 2014, he donated £300,000 to the party.

And yesterday, the media baron donated another £1.3m to Nigel Farage’s party.

His reason? UKIP is the party which “will stand up to people who are struggling”.

In a statement on his Daily Express website, Desmond said: “They are human; they are not perfect and they do not pretend to be. But what they believe in is the best for the British people.

“They are the sort of people who will stand up for people who are struggling.”

Farage told the newspaper: “This money will make a big difference. We are up against the big battalions; this helps significantly.

“It enables us, particularly with our online presence, to reach bigger and bigger audiences.

“We’ve been doing very well compared to the big parties already and this will make a big difference.”


Who is Richard Desmond?

> Richard Desmond,63, is the owner of Express Newspapers. The group publishes the Daily Star and Daily Express. He is also the founder of Northern & Shell, the publisher of celebrity magazines OK! and New!

> According to Forbes, he is worth $1.67bn

> Desmond donated £100,000 to the Labour Party in 2001

> He’s nicknamed “Dirty Des”, thanks to his considerable stake in adult magazines and television channels


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  • Anonymous

    Does this surprise me? No. If you've ever had the misfortune to read the pile of prejudiced, inflammatory drivel that is the Express, it won't surprise you either.

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  • Anonymous

    The fact is that the UKIP is the party that ordinary white Englishmen and women sympathise with and so one cannot fathom why the PC brigade and other so called critics expect the UKIP to be inclusive of Black and Asian people. Regardless of how long they or their parents have lived in the UK they are still ethnically not British. this automatically classes them along with other immigrants and their descendants as foreigners. It has been all too easy for people settling in the UK to claim to be British after one generation and a lot of us real Brits do not see this as fair and square, it is our culture and genes that are being eliminated or taken over in addition to our jobs and homes by foreigners including black Caribbean and African, North African, Asian, middle eastern and continental Europeans. we should have implemented a 'Gasterbeiter' (guest worker) policy like the Germans did to manage the process better. UKIP stands up for what is right for indigenous Britons and we need to stop fooling ourselves about the inclusion of Black and Asian Britons because there is really no such thing as Black and Asian Britons. They are all foreigners!

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  • I'm not surprised that "Anonymous" didn't have the guts to put his or her name to this tirade of racist drivel.

    "Regardless of how long they or their parents have lived in the UK they are still ethnically not British"

    "Anonymous" is also a bit ignorant of British history, it seems. The "British" are a mish mash of Celts, Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Romans, Hugenots and Normans, none of whom originated in the UK.

    Who does "Anonymous" think he or she is? How arrogant to think that he or she has the right to dictate how many generations a family has to live in this country before becoming British.

    This is a great example of what UKIP stands for. Pure & simple cowardly racist filth.

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