Bez from the Happy Mondays has launched a political party opposing fracking

Bez from the Happy Mondays has launched his own political party for disaffected voters. The Reality Party is telling voters to “shake your maracas if you’re against the frackers”, and is contesting a single council seat in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Launched at a pub named Wangies Bar in Eccles, Bez took to the stage to denounce the banking system and plans for local shale gas extraction.

Jackie Anderson, a local teacher, is the party’s candidate with which they hope to make a breakthrough advance into public life.

According to, the former Happy Mondays dancer said that he wanted to see The Reality Party contesting seats in every UK parliamentary constituency by next year.

Bez also had harsh words for rivals such as UKIP. “I think Farage is another piece of social engineering. UKIP is a party what’s purposefully been set up by the bankers.”

“I believe that he’s been brought in and set up to create some social engineering to get this right-wing, fascist bullshit promoted so that the other parties can also get more right-wing and extreme, because they’re taking the votes off ‘em.”

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