Better deal or Brexit: business leaders urge wholesale change or EU exit

Are Cameron’s EU renegotiations going far enough?

A detailed report into Britain’s position in the EU urges Prime Minister David Cameron to win fundamental new membership criteria for Britain, or leave the EU altogether.

The study, titled Change or Go puts forward ten key areas the authors say Cameron must reform in Britain’s EU relationship.

The editorial team behind the report include Jon Moynihan, former executive chairman at PA Consulting Group, Andrew Allum of LEK Consulting, Luke Johnson, a leading venture capitalist, and Helena Morrissey, a prominent City fund manager.

The report, which is over 1,000 pages long, challenges the idea that membership of the EU benefits businesses.

An extract published in the Telegraph reads: “Far from offering every consumer and business the benefits of a wider domestic market, after 40 years of membership, less than 5 per cent of UK companies directly export to the EU yet all are forced to bear the burden of its regulations.

“The EU is not a free trade area but a customs union, and one which has spectacularly failed to deliver trade deals with rising economic giants like China.”

Currently, Cameron’s main line in EU negotiations concern welfare restrictions on European migrants.

Ahead of an EU summit meeting in Brussels this week, where Cameron will set out the reforms he wants for British membership, the report highlights that many feel Cameron is not going far enough.

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  • Anonymous

    The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz said - 'Britain 'belongs' to the E.U.'... (Europa).

    N.B. The EU Treaties provide for a so-far untested mechanism by which a country can leave the EU – “Article 50”.

    Holy Cow it's all gone Monty Python - French Taunter

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  • To put this report in its true context, substitute the words "business leaders" and "businesses" throughout for the words "ultra-wealthy fund managers and venture capitalists".

    For example: "The report ... challenges the idea that membership of the EU benefits ultra-wealthy fund managers and venture capitalists."

    Makes a lot more sense now, doesn't it?

    And you can be pretty certain that what's good for those people is bad for the likes of you & me.

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  • Considering what a large percentage of all income tax top earners, bankers especially, pay, this comment is just class envy nonsense

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  • Anonymous

    The E.U.'s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) appears to have infected our education system!
    Kid's aren't even taught the English alphabet anymore, it all changed into sounds and pictures that confuse kids. I have studied 5 different languages and the alphabet was were I began with each language. I have a niece who has been told to study Russia, China and Africa because they will be the most influential countries in the future. Our education system has taken a nose dive since the E.U. got involved. It's not all about businesses - get the E.U. (Europa) out of our education system please!

    Not every job can be accomplished with 'paint by numbers' instructions as the E.U. seem to think. Not every county is the same let alone every country.

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  • In an era where various FTAs are being negotiated to make the world a common market - where both the EU and the UK are participating countries - the said move by Cameron must factor these for global development

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