Ban-ifesto: Here's everything the Green Party wants to get rid of

They might be the most popular party by policies but boy do the Green Party love to ban things.

On Sunday, leader Natalie Bennett said the party wouldn’t rule out banning the UK’s most famous horse race, the Grand National, because horses frequently die during the competition.

So on the release of the party’s official manifesto this morning, we scrambled through the 84 pages to see what else the party was planning to ban. Here’s what we found.

The Greens have pledged to ban or end:

  • Privatisation of the NHS
  • SATS tests, league tables and academies
  • Tuition fees and cancel student debt
  • Tax avoidance and evasion
  • Rail privatisation
  • Workfare and benefit sanctions
  • Trident nuclear deterrent
  • Biodiversity offsetting (where property developers destroy habitats but create another elsewhere)
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • The production and sale of foie gras
  • Cloning of animals for food
  • Overuse of antibiotics in farming
  • Monkeys (and other primates) as pets
  • Importing exotic pets
  • Hunting, the badger cull, snares, sport shooting
  • Animals in circuses
  • Use of a whip in horse racing, and a review of the sport
  • Importing fur
  • Keeping dolphins, whales, porpoises for commercial purposes, or killing them in the wild
  • Non-medical experiments on animals
  • Breeding genetically altered animals
  • Puppy farming
  • Electric shock collars for dogs
  • Patenting of genes and living organisms
  • Waste food being sent to landfill
  • Fossil-fuel-based generation, including closing coal-fired power stations by 2023
  • Nuclear power
  • Fracking
  • Fossil-fuel industry tax breaks/subsidies
  • New building on flood plains
  • Detention of LGBTQ asylum seekers and culture of disbelief
  • Lads mags and porn in supermarkets and newsagents
  • Stopping nursing mothers breastfeeding in a public place
  • Fit for work scheme where outside person decides if a disabled person can work
  • The exploitation of interns and young people in low-wage jobs
  • “Phony” patient choice
  • Alcohol under 50p a unit
  • Opt-in organ donation (move to an opt-out system)
  • Mixed-sex accommodation in hospitals
  • Children being put in police cells
  • Marketisation and outsourcing of education
  • Class sizes of more than 20
  • Private schools’ charitable status, running schools for profit
  • Religious organisations in schools
  • Parents paying for school equipment and expensive trips
  • Help to Buy
  • Stamp Duty
  • Big builder “cartels”
  • Right to Buy and mass council house sales
  • Landlord perks such as tax deductions and mortgage interest relief
  • Bedroom tax
  • Exploitative zero-hours contracts
  • Unequal pay between men and women
  • Blacklisting (and set up an investigation into blacklisting in construction)
  • Combined retail and investment banking firms
  • City of London Corporation
  • 20% VAT on cooked food, entertainment and accommodation (reduce to 5%)
  • Employees National Insurance upper threshold
  • Corporation tax relief on companies which have more than a 10:1 ratio between the highest and lowest paid employees
  • Capital gains tax personal allowance
  • The seven-year rule on gifts by living donors
  • The Universal Credit programme
  • Work-for-benefits programmes
  • Private sector contracts with government on benefit entitlement assessment
  • Childcare tax credits and tax reliefs (in favour of free universal childcare and early education)
  • Lobbying Act
  • New Homes Bonus
  • Individual or company owning 20% or more of a media market
  • National major roads programme
  • Favourable tax treatment of aviation
  • Pavement parking
  • Torture and the sale of torture equipment
  • Restrictions on foreign students
  • Rich people “buying” their way into the UK
  • The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
  • Police & Crime Commissioners

However, there are plenty of things the Greens would introduce, too. It’s all in their manifesto.


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Readers' comments (7)

  • Ian Middleton

    I lost the will to live reading that list about half way down and I'm a Green Party Candidate!

    I think this just shows how many things there are that need reforming.

    I can see a few things on that list that I wouldn't necessarily want to ban. Nuclear power for one.

    But apart from a quick way of filling some column inches, what exactly were you trying to say with this piece?

    Maybe turn the question on it's head. Which of the items on this list would you like to see continuing?

    Unequal pay?
    Privatisation of the NHS?

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  • Anonymous

    Well some of those I would agree with. Stoping people from killing whales etc, but where the greens fall down is their economic and immigration policies which are just pure madness.

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  • Anonymous

    I remember reading the Green manifesto some time ago and the policies included banning foreign travel, making it compulsory to live within a two mile radius of a person's place of work and reducing the population of the UK to 40 million people. The greens have a very simplistic view of the world as is shown by their economic policies if what they say can be described as policy. Fracking has benefited the USA by providing cheaper fuel and countries such as Germany and Switzerland that have private health provision enjoy a much higher standard of health care than the dross we receive from the NHS which should be dismantled in the manner of British Leyland and other state owned corporations that failed the UK and cost vast sums to keep afloat.

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  • Forgot the most important ban

    The green party.......

    Now that I would vote for!

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  • Green Party policy is nothing new - they have simply taken over from the Monster Raving Looney party - at least they had some humour while the current exponents of pure madness are so full of aggression and dour disapproval of the real world that people want to actually live in

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  • Ian Middleton

    Think you might be confusing the Greens with UKIP there David

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  • Even though ALL the things the Green party want to ban were listed, some anonymous numpty still feels he can add a few loony inventions of his own! Can't he read?

    Actually the only thing not on the list that I'm sure the Green Party will want to ban is PFI contracts! These are a giant rip-off, costing the country, local authorities and NHS trust billions!!!!

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