"Awful” & "racist": Twitter reactions to new UKIP posters

It may be the biggest advertising campaign in UKIP’s history, but the party’s new anti-EU posters have garnered the ire of many.

The campaign, which has been bankrolled by ex-Tory donor and business tycoon Paul Sykes, shows a builder begging for spare change with the tagline: “EU policy at work. British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour.”

Another poster says that “26 million people in Europe are looking for work. And whose jobs are they after?”.

UKIP poster

Twitter was abuzz with people condemning the poster. Here’s a round-up of reactions:



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UKIP membership at record high but new “racist” posters criticised


Readers' comments (3)

  • It's not racist, it's political and it's largely true. Large scale unemployment in Europe, and asylum seekers all head for the UK, undercutting our native workers,and hoping to benefit from our generous benefits system.

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  • Anonymous

    These people will read racist into anything. How can it be racist to mention the largely Caucasian race from Eastern Europe who are the same race as our indigenous population! Of course we aren't entirely Caucasian either and we do have a variety of ethnicity.

    Trouble is the representatives of the establishment are deliberately obtuse or possibly under educated. All the more reason to accept UKIPs policy of letting in key educated people from anywhere in the world. Clearly not racists in any way.

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  • There is nothing 'racist' about wanting to limit the number of unskilled people coming into our country. The use of that word is simply an attempt by the left wing media to taint the UKIP party rather than engage in serious debate about the real issues. The fact is that UKIP have some very strong arguements as recently shown when Farage trounced Clegg in debate so if you cant win on logic and facts maybe try using words such as 'racist' and 'fascist' in an attempt to fool the public. UKIP are neither but lets not let the facts get in the way of left wing propaganda.

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