Are UKIP supporters the most honest?

A YouGov poll in the Sunday Times could have inadvertently revealed UKIP supporters are the most honest.

The survey asked voters what they thought of senior political figures and how well they were doing.

Among genuine questions about Ed Miliband’s leadership, YouGov threw in a dummy question asking voters if they’d heard of the completely made-up politician Andrew Farmer.

Surprisingly, a whopping one in six respondents to the survey claimed they had heard of him.

In addition, a further 2% said they would recognise a picture of him.

It’s not clear whether these people were mistaken or lying, but what is interesting is that the response differed depending on which party the respondent intended to vote for.

Of those who said they were going to vote Lib Dem at the next general election, 6% said they would recognise a picture of Andrew Farmer, but only 1% of those who were going to vote UKIP said the same.

About 86% of UKIP supporters admitted having never heard of Andrew Farmer, compared with 78% of Tory supporters, 77% of Lib Dem supporters and 75% of Labour supporters.

Does this mean UKIP supporters are the most honest? What do you think? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below.


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