Andreasen’s attack is “an indictment of UKIP”, warn critics

UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen has had voices of support and fierce criticism after attacking UKIP as a “dictatorship” with a “Stalinist” leadership at the helm.

Speaking to, she suggested that Farage “does not like women” and “will not tolerate women that have a certain intelligence, he thinks women should be in the kitchen or in the bedroom”.

Andreasen also claimed that Farage only promotes those “who say yes to him and will be grateful for getting the job and will never contradict him”. She expressed concern that UKIP officials had been “bullying” her in order to allow candidates that were favoured by the leadership. “The new constitution for UKIP has empowered the leader in a disproportionate way, notably in the election of candidates,” she said.

LibDem MEP Rebecca Taylor told that Andreasen’s concern over the leadership’s influence on UKIP candidates would suggest that Farage “does not believe in democracy or trust his own party members”. 

Mary Honeyball, Labour MEP for London, said: “Andreasen’s attack shows the depth of feeling she has and, clearly, she’s very angry and upset enough out have spoken out about it. I once appeared with her in a debate on Newsnight, and I must say she was one of the more thoughtful UKIP MEPs I have appeared alongside.

“We should give weight to what she says. This demonstrates UKIP is anti-women, it is a one man band and it’s all about Farage.”

Meanwhile, senior LibDem MEP Chris Davies told that Andreasen’s attack on Farage was “an indictment of UKIP”.

“She has got more credibility than most UKIP MEPs, so when she turns on them, it rather suggests an error of judgement [by Farage] in picking people. UKIP is rather good at losing people every time around and Andreasen has more credibility than Farage on many things,” he said.

Davies went on to deliver a withering attack of his own on UKIP for their dependence on Nigel Farage as leader and their own performance in Parliament.

“UKIP are Farage. Without Farage they are nothing, they are completely incoherent without him. They don’t really have anything that holds them together except their hatred of the European Union. They haven’t got a programme or specific philosophy that has brought them together. They’re fuelled by anger without knowing how to channel that anger.

“They don’t want to vote or reform European laws and the European Parliament has no power to take Britain out of the EU. What’s their job? It is only to fund themselves as campaigners.”

Davies accused Farage of being a “workshy” and a political “gadfly” who shirks Parliamentary duties in order to pursue media opportunities, saying: “When it comes to the actual work you do as a Parliamentarian, they don’t get their hands dirty. We had a Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) vote today, I had been working on this for two years forming cross-party groups and we got a huge victory in moving the agenda forward.

“Nigel was a member of the fisheries committee for many years. He never turned up.”

“Only after a lot of pressure from people like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, he turned up for the big fisheries committee votes before Christmas and sat there for three and a half hours. It was the first time he had ever been there.

“Having been there for three and a half hours, he didn’t stay for the last vote and promptly resigned. For three and a half hours it was almost like he had been forced to behave like a normal MEP and he couldn’t cope with it!

“He’s workshy, he’s a gadfly! He jumps from one thing to another, all for media opportunities!”

In response to Davies’ attacks on Farage, a UKIP spkesman told “You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who works harder than Nigel Farage.”

“Nigel is up at 5am and goes to sleep at 11pm. He has a party to run!”

On Davies’ allegation that Farage left the EU fisheries committee early before the last vote, the spokesman said that the vote had been subject to repeat delays and Farage had “an important meeting with some Bulgarians over an immigration issue” to attend that had been previously arranged.

“The vote was going to be an obvious win for our side, we knew the result of the vote and he had an important meeting that was booked previously”, the spokesman added.

The spokesman also hit out at Andreasen’s claim that the new UKIP constitution gave too much power to the leader, dismissing “the idea that Farage is some sort of autocrat” as “laughable”.

The party had approved a new constitution last year in September with a 91.1% approval in a membership ballot, he also pointed out.

Meanwhile Richard Lowe, who was previously a UKIP parliamentary candidate before being forced to resign due to adverse comments in support of gay marriage, said he agreed with Andreasen about the state of UKIP and its leadership.

“Brown-nosing is becoming more prevalent. #CultOfPersonality,” he tweeted at

Olly Neville, who was removed as chair of UKIP’s youth moment after voicing support for gay marriage, praised Andreasen and backed her attack on UKIP.

He tweeted: “Big respect for Marta. A rare high ranking kipper willing to say No to Nigel. Theyd probs have MPs if more did.”

He agreed with Lowe’s criticism about the rise of “brown-nosing” in the party, tweeting: “you cant blame em. That’s the system the leadership has worked so hard to build.”

However, Andreasen has come under fierce attack from anonymous sources in support of Farage.

An anonymous commenter suggested on that critics of Farage were “unused to the hurly burly ways of business which is his background”.

Another anonymous commenter wrote on that Andreasen needed to be “eradicated” from UKIP as it grew more popular because she was a “potentially damaging anomaly”.

“How can you represent the needs of UK residents when you spend hardly anytime in the UK? Local councillors have been forced to resign in such circumstances. The desperate slur on Farage that he does not like women is tabloid idiocy,” the anonymous commenter added.

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  • Anonymous

    I think the lib dems are just very very worried, and so they should be.

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  • Sounds to me like the Political Smear and Rubbish Campaign by the Labour, Conservatives and Liberals has sarted early and in Ernest. I think they're running scared.
    Time for a change

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