8 quotes from Labour ripping into Osborne's Budget

Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman responds

It’s not easy being the leader of the opposition. You’re required to respond within minutes of the Budget speech, previously having no idea about its content. Yes, you can prepare some general comments but you’re never able to do the clever and witty takedown that you really want.

Nevertheless, acting Labour leader Harriet Harman gave it a good go. Here are eight key quotes from her speech:

1. “A budget for working people? How can he make that claim when he’s making working people worse off by cutting tax credits and scrapping grants for the poorest students.”

2. “True to form, what this chancellor says and does is two very different things, that is why it is down to us to make sure it is fair. He says he stands up for working people – what he does is make them worse off. He says he has an economic plan – but what he does is duck big infrastructure projects.”

3. On the cheering during the Budget speech by Iain Duncan Smith and others: “Clearly what honourable members do not understand is that even with the higher national wage that he’s announced it will not be enough for a family to live on because of the cuts in tax credits.”

4. “The great Northern Powerhouse is starting to look like the great Northern power cut.”

5. “This Chancellor is renowned for his political traps, games and tactics — but that’s not what he should be doing.”

6. “Normally it’s government that governs, while the opposition play politics, but this government is playing politics with this Budget.”

7. “This Budget is less about economic strategy, more about political tactics designed by the Chancellor to help him move in next door. We know this Chancellor is ambitious. But when the economic recovery is still fragile, he should be ambitious for the country, not just for himself.”

8. “Long-term economic plan? What kind of long-term economic plan when they are ducking it on Heathrow?”


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