8 funny and frightening facts about the PM's new cabinet

David Cameron reshuffled his cabinet this week. Here are eight key facts you need to know about it:

1.       Stephen Crabb is the first Tory cabinet minister sporting a beard in over a century.

2.       There are now 11 ministers who are not members of the cabinet but can attend cabinet meetings.

3.       The new leader of the House of Lords, Tina Stowell, will be paid £78,891, compared to the £101,038 her male predecessor earned per year, according to Bloomberg.

4.       Nicky Morgan, who has been given the role of education secretary, continues as women and equalities minister. However, since she voted against equal marriage for gay couples, the responsibility for implementing that has gone to Nick Boles.

5.       There are half as many women in the cabinet as former public schoolboys.

6.       There is only one non-white cabinet member, Culture, Media and Sport secretary Sajid Javid.

7.       There are no cabinet members aged below 38 - Liz Truss, environment secretary, is the youngest. The oldest, Vince Cable, is 71. The average age of the UK population is 39.7 years.

8.       Every one of the ministers at the Department for Education in both the Lords and Commons attended a private school.

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