5 reasons William Hague could have stepped down as foreign secretary

Behind the shock announcement

William Hague resigns

Hague today (15 July 2014) after his resignation

William Hague has stepped down as foreign secretary, in a surprise announcement during David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle.

The Richmond (Yorkshire) MP, who used to be the leader of the Conservative party, took on the role on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 2010.

Once unpopular as a politician after leading his party to defeat in 2001, Hague had recently become one of the less divisive figures in Cameron’s government.

He will also stand down as an MP at next year’s general election, after 26 years.

His resignation from the foreign secretary post came as a surprise to Westminster and the media. He hasn’t said exactly why he’s left, so we look at five reasons Hague could have resigned:

1. He felt sidelined in his foreign secretary role

William Hague foreign secretary

Hague has been criticised for not being a strong enough voice in the government over foreign issues. Cameron has been seen to be leading on the debate on EU membership, and some have speculated the foreign secretary was unhappy being marginalised on the most important aspect of foreign policy at the moment.

2. He’d made a deal with Cameron to return for a fixed term

William Hague cat

It’s quite likely Hague agreed to return to the cabinet under the agreement that he served only one term as foreign secretary. The role can be much more demanding than other government positions as it requires a lot of foreign travel. Hague was asked to be the shadow chancellor by then Tory leader Michael Howard in 2005 but declined because of his business commitments. This could be the reason Hague is taking a step back now. Doing this almost a year before the next general election means a newer MP will have time to settle into the role.

3. He doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the PM

William Hague and David Cameron

While Hague has been seen as being loyal to the prime minister during his time in Cameron’s cabinet, their foreign policy views conflict with one another. Hague is pro-European and sceptical of getting too involved with the United States, but the PM has shown himself to be the opposite. This is likely to have created friction between the two men and could have been what led to Hague’s resignation.

4. Cameron thought his reputation was tarnished by past scandals

William Hague and wife Ffion

Hague in 2001 with his wife Ffion after losing the general election

Although moderately popular as a foreign secretary at the time of his departure, there have always been many Tories who saw the former leader as being responsible for the party’s defeat in 2001. Adding to this a number of other, more recent scandals, have taken their toll on Hague’s reputation. In 2010, he was accused of having an affair with a 25-year-old man, who he admitted to sharing a room with and whom he had subsequently made a special advisor. He also came under fire for his handling of the Syria crisis.

5. He was enjoying being a backbencher

William Hague Angelina Jolie

Having been an extremely ambitious politician, it might have come as a surprise to Hague himself that he enjoyed life as a backbencher. He taught himself piano at the age of 40 and wrote a number of history books, including an award-winning biography of William Pitt the Younger. During his time as foreign secretary, he also began an unlikely partnership with Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, launching a campaign to end sexual violence in conflict – something he is clearly passionate about and plans to continue working on in his new role as the PM’s special representative.

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