31% Londoners would be uncomfortable with a muslim London mayor - here's why they are WRONG

If you’re a remotely tolerant person, this news story is going to annoy you.

A third of Londoners don’t want a muslim mayor, a survey by LBC radio has revealed.

Over 31% of Londoners polled by YouGov for the radio channel said that Londoners would be “uncomfortable if the next London mayor was a muslim”. The good news is 55% said they would be comfortable.

Ukip voters (obviously) had the most problems with a muslim becoming mayor with 73% saying a muslim mayor would make them uncomfortable.

The poll also found that 71% Londoners would be comfortable if the mayor was homosexual, compared to 16% who would be uncomfortable.

Editor’s comment: What on earth does religion have to do with the competence of London’s next mayor?

It baffles me that religion is considered an important criterion before voting for the next London mayor.

What on earth does religion have to do with the competence of the London mayor?

How would religion govern the mayor’s decision on important London issues like sorting out Tube strikes, solving London’s housing crisis, stopping terrorist attacks or getting more investment into London?

Be it a Joe Khan or a Joe Bloggs, a London mayor who has the gumption to tackle issues that are hindering London’s progress as the best place to do business should be a key factor for voters.

Also, ideas like this might not only discourage people to vote for muslims but also discourage capable muslim mayoral candidates, today and in the future, to take up prestigious positions like being in charge of the capital. After all, you don’t want to encourage the “I’m muslim, no one’s going to vote for me” mentality.

Frankly, views like this also dent London’s reputation as one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. One look on Twitter proves that there are so many people who, in this day and age, have qualms with a muslim mayor being in charge of London.

But thankfully, there are other Londoners/Britons who feel the same way as I do. Take a look at these tweets:







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Readers' comments (2)

  • I love seeing the Left all flustered and nonplussed at stuff like this. It really reveals their naive world-view.

    Instances that show their prolonged propaganda campaign to enforce their Multi-Cultural doctrine, although extremely effective so far, hasn't totally succeeded in wiping out considerations based on common sense and rationality.

    As much as the ideals of letting anyone, regardless of their background or religion, become mayor is worthy from the perspective of the editor - whose ideology places certain fashionable minority groups on pedestal where they can do no wrong, not taking into account something that will have a profound impact on their thinking such as religion is ludicrous.

    If this debate was about letting a UKIP candidate become mayor then the Leftist elite (who have the upper hand in the media simply because if you don't toe the line in regard to their beliefs you will be hounded out of your job), would be up in arms. Their political beliefs would be attacked and torn-apart unmercifully

    Somehow, in the grotesquely distorted, rose-tinted, make-believe world view of the modern Left, an ideology often held far more dearly and resolutely to a person such as Islam is to a lot of its followers shouldn't even matter to start with.

    You won't even begin to contemplate why people even have such reservations about someone with that faith becoming mayor, and would some make people uncomfortable.

    That's because you block out any recognition of the trouble many people in this religion are guilty of perpetuating. Hundreds of millions who want to see Islam dominate the world and the many in the UK who share those sentiments. The barbarism of many tenets of Sharia law. Honour killings. The intolerant attitudes and homicidal treatment of women and gays. Sympathies with terrorists and Jihadists. Declaring war on Britain and seeking a Caliphate.

    Most striking of all is the polls that show how many British Muslims want to see Sharia Law in the UK.

    It's not all rosy. I have a lot of Muslims is my own family. A lot of friends and people who are dear to me. But let's not pretend that there aren't elements of Islamic ideology that aren't completely at odds with tolerant, progressive Western Culture. Please! Or that certain candidates may hold or have great sympathy with the the worst excesses of Islam.

    I doubt people would care if Sadiq Khan was mayor. But Lutfur Rahman?

    God, I hate the Left.

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  • Think the writer is being a bit naïve!

    Of course a persons religion matters, especially if they hold strong views, then religion is their politics. The mayor is a political as well s administrative office.

    Imagine a strong viewed Christian was a candidate, would not their views on homosexuality, abortion be of concern?

    I would not be happy with a Muslim mayor if they had strong religious views, just as much as its wrong the Christian clergy being in the house of Lords(actually the House of Lords is wrong anyway!)

    Religion, politics and power are not a safe combination.

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